Seeker’s Fate by K.A. Riley

 Seeker's Fate

Seeker’s Fate (Seeker’s World Book 3) by K.A. Riley
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.5 MB

K. A. Riley is a writer of speculative and science fiction, dedicated to creating worlds just different enough from our own to be entertaining, intriguing and a little frightening all at once. For Riley, writing isn’t a job. It’s a laboratory where readers can wander into a land of ideas; it’s a playground where they can scamper around, giggling, gasping, and freaking out to their hearts’ content.

With Vega Sloane’s return to Fairhaven comes the beginning of her senior year at Plymouth High. Which, of course, means friends, parties, and drama. Tensions arise with her best friend, Liv, who isn’t exactly excited by Vega’s new circle of friends…not to mention that keeping a constant eye out for mortal enemies can seriously eat into a girl’s social life.
But a Seeker’s work is never finished, and Vega has a crucial task ahead of her: find the Lyre of Adair before the Usurper Queen’s minions do.

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