Seouless by Shayne Meissner

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Seouless by Shayne Meissner
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 1.3 MB

”Your crime is having the ego to believe that you can decide when your time has run out, you have imitated my work for long enough, Death is master to all life, in time you will understand that,”

High above the streets of Seoul, forty-five year old, Park Jong-sup has decided to end it all. Bigoted, cruel and foul, he is the type of man the world may be better off without. Watching him for some time though is none other than Death herself, and she has other plans. Ripping the privilege of death from the suicidal man, he falls from the building, only to scrape himself from the pavement. Some may consider this a gift, to Jong-sup it’s a curse. With his new unwanted lease on life he must face the problems (and responsibilities) he sought to escape, head on. The journey to remedy his affliction will lead Jong-sup into contact with violent gang members, an insane psychopath and one innocent but unfortunate young girl.

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