Seratis Daughter of Sun by N.J. Adel

Seratis Daughter

Seratis Daughter of the Sun by N.J. Adel (Seratis, The Goddess Of Egypt #1)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 317 Kb

Seratis Daughter : My name is NOT Seratis. I am Queen Meha. The rightful ruler of the Kingdom of Egypt. A scientist. Human. I was never her. Seratis, the evil Goddess of Sleep who puts men under her spell to compel them to do whatever she commands.
It was all a lie. A myth my half-brother created to make my own people hate me so he could usurp my throne.

Lucky for me, I’ve found a way to preserve the living like my ancestors did with the dead. To escape the war my brother has waged on me, I enter my tomb to be mummified, alive, for a hundred years. With my guard, my apprentice and my maid. Only to wake when my half-brother is long gone and forgotten.

But when we wake up, reality as we know it crashes down around us. Instead of rising after a hundred years, it was a thousand. We haven’t aged a day, and we now possess inhumanly senses, strength and healing powers…among other things. As if that is not shocking enough, now I know my half-brother isn’t dead yet, and he’s going to wake just like us.

This time I won’t escape. I will fight. And I must find a way to win the war I’ve lost before. Dead or alive.

“You must be thirsty,” he said. Then I felt glass and cold water droplets on my lips. I fought the urge to gulp on it as I had no perception of how my body would react.

And after years of desiccation, it did taste so good. Miraculous. Like nothing I’d ever tasted before.

“Thank you.” I blinked for a better vision and took in the face before me.

Black hair. Short but thick. Wide forehead. Furrowed brows and arched up at the same time. Big blue eyes. Blue? That was strange. I blinked again for confirmation. Yes. Blue with shades of green. The color of a turquoise sea. They shone against his young olive skin with an astonishing contrast.

Eccentric. Beautiful.

He had a beard, defined around his gaping mouth and fleshy lips. If he closed that mouth and didn’t look so idiotic at the moment, I’d say he was a very…charming man.

“Amazing.” His brows eased down as his gaze adhered to mine.

The way he looked at me decreased my apprehension to ask about my…aging condition. Perhaps I had been a mummya for a hundred years, but I still remembered how a man would look at a woman he found beautiful. “How has the grave touched me?”

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