Sex, Bombs, and Burgers by Peter Nowak

Sex Bombs and Burgers

Sex, Bombs, and Burgers: How War, Pornography, and Fast Food Have Shaped Modern Technology by Peter Nowak
English |2021 |General| ePUB | 14.4 MB

Pursuing our baser instincts has led to great technological advancements. War causes untold death and suffering; pornography may encourage infidelity and erode our morals; and fast food can damage our health—but if it wasn’t for the urge to satisfy our rage, lust, and gluttony, where would we be? A fun and fascinating exploration of modern technology, Sex, Bombs, and Burgers uncovers how these three billion-dollar industries have shaped our everyday lives. It’s also a chronicle of popular culture, chock-full of surprising revelations. Take a look around your home. Your microwave? A British military scientist invented its technology by accident while trying to devise a death ray to blow up enemy planes. Your handheld video recorder? Developed by the military in World War II but adopted and made affordable by post-war pornographers. That vacuum robot on late-night infomercials? Born of a mine sniffer patrolling the caves of Afghanistan. From the unexpected origins of aerosols, the Internet, and Saran Wrap to Silly Putty, Tupperware, and video games, here is an engaging look at modern life as we know it.

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