Shade King by William Stacey

 Shade King

Shade King by William Stacey (The Awakened World Book 2)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

The Awakened World of 2053—a shattered land of magic, Fey, monsters … and world-ending secrets.
From former army officer William Stacey comes Shade King, the second book in an exciting new blend of urban fantasy and military adventure.
What difference does a week make?
I’m Angie Ritter, former army mage and recovering headcase. Seven days ago, I was struggling to survive without my magic. Now I’m on the run with a family of werewolf super-soldiers. Not gonna lie. I’m in trouble—a lot of trouble: a cult of dragon-worshipping fanatics wants to cut my heart out, vampire assassins hunt me, and even my own countrymen want to hang me for treason.
Oh, and a dark empire plots to conquer the entire West Coast. It may be led by a pair of dragons, honest-to-god dragons.
Did I mention I’m possessed by an ancient entity of unimaginable power?
Last week was hell on Earth, literally. I think this week is gonna be worse.
At least my magic’s back—wow, is it ever back!

They’ll kill me for this. Rayan Zar Davi’s thoughts raced like a haboob, the ubiquitous sandstorms of her youth. The taste of defeat was like bile in her mouth. The indignation that one such as she—Mother Smoke Heart, the High Priestess of the Tzitzime—had been forced to flee for her life was almost as disturbing as what her masters would do to her for failing to bring back the wolf-bitch Erin Seagrave. They’ll make an example of me. It’s what I would do. ‘How do I save myself?’ she whispered. ‘There must be a path.’

The de Havilland Caribou cargo aircraft banked, altering course, the whine of its propeller engines changing in pitch. As the aircraft turned, the early-morning sun shot through one of the plane’s portholes, and she raised her hand to shield her eyes from the glare. The old plane shook and lurched in a sudden drop of altitude, sending her heartbeat pounding into her skull. She forced herself to breathe deeply and remain calm.

Rayan rose from her uncomfortable seat, little more than a nylon bench secured against the aircraft’s frame, and headed for the cockpit, intending to take out her frustrations on the aircrew. The aircraft lurched again, and she grasped at the bulkhead. Her fear of flying, always bad, had grown much worse in the eighteen years since the Awakening—A-Day—when all electronics had been rendered inoperable by the sudden backlash of magical energy released by the four cowardly creatures that styled themselves ‘Great Dragons.’ The dragons had broken the global Fey Sleep spell, reawakening humanity to the presence of magic and supernatural creatures hidden from them since the Spanish Inquisition. But by doing so, the dragons had also broken the world.

And exposed themselves to Rayan’s masters.

This aircraft, built in the late 1950s, had been long abandoned when it was pulled from the deserted residence of a private collector and refurbished by the new Aztalan Empire. At close to a hundred years of age, the rusted-out airframe was well past the point that it should still be in the air, and as if in agreement, the old propeller-driven engines screamed in protest. But as old as it was, it was also of incalculable value. Without the aircraft, the only way to circumnavigate the new balkanized North American nation-states of the Commonwealth of Cascadia and the Democratic Republica Mexicana del Norte would have been by sea, and that would have taken a week or more. Besides, the remaining ships weren’t all that seaworthy either.

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