Shade (The Shade Trilogy Book 2) by Luke Romyn

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Shade by Luke Romyn(The Shade Trilogy Book 2)
English | 2020| Sci-Fi| ePUB | 0.33 MB

Prepare for explosive action in this sequel to Luke Romyn’s heart-pumping supernatural thriller, ASH.
“With this author, you never get vanilla. A blind protagonist in an action thriller? You’d think it couldn’t be done, but he pulls it off as he takes us through the multiverse to battle monsters human and otherwise.” Amazon Review for ASH.

Ash and Cassidy hide, but the Titanus Corporation still hunts them.
The Doctor’s experiments continue, and this time, he may have discovered something worse than mere monsters. A man—no, more than a man—emerges from the Multiverse.

His name? Titanus.
Titanus embodies all aspects of the corporation, wrapped in a shell that seems far from mortal. His greed is all-encompassing, his wrath without end, and his power biblical.

Teamed with an army of giants able to survive Shade, Titanus plans to dominate our world the way he destroyed his. Only Ash and Cassidy, along with a mutant hound called Scruff, hope to stand in his way. Can they win?

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