Shades of Death by Ramy Vance, Michael Anderle

Shades of Death

Shades of Death by Ramy Vance, Michael Anderle (Dark Gate Angels Book 2)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.2 MB

Life’s a lich…
…and then you undie.
The Dark Gate Angels are heroes. They have successfully closed the Dark Gates, saved Terra from the Battle Games and repelled the Dark One’s attacks.
But there’s nothing easy about being a hero. Especially when it puts a bullseye on your back.
The Dark One has enlisted Rasputina, the most powerful lich in all of creation, to skewer some Angels.
More gates are appearing. Gates and a mysterious black gooey substance that has the power to morph and enslave anyone it touches.
A stab wound is a stab wound whether it comes from an undead or black gooey hand.
The Angels are embroiled in a battle that isn’t just about saving their own souls, but also saving the souls of everyone in the entire universe.
Will Anabelle, Abby and Terra’s combined skills be enough to finally defeat death itself?

Anabelle pulled up her HUD menu, which displayed from a more convenient location on her wrist. She was glad Abby had retrofitted a new design for her and the team. Having to pull a HUD visor down over your head, despite it being holographic, was beyond irritating.

A holomap projected from Anabelle’s HUD watch revealing New York and its impressive skyline. Anabelle pointed at the Empire State building. “Myrddin is taking a different approach to this mission. We’re usually arriving right when a gate is opening, always trying to catch up with what’s happening. This time, we’ll be early. And we don’t want to give the Dark One’s forces any reason to speed things up, you know?”

Abby shook her head, appearing to disagree. But Anabelle figured out quickly that the girl was close to throwing up. She grabbed a bag and handed it to Abby, who snatched it and proceeded to hurl.

After a few minutes, Abby closed the bag, leaned against the hull of the helicopter, and sighed loudly. “Does anyone have a breath mint?”

Terra reached into her pocket, retrieved a packet of gum, and passed it to Abby, who popped one in her mouth and chewed loudly.

“Ugh. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before,” Abby muttered. She closed her eyes and nanobots poured from her skin, covering her in sleek black metallic armor. “That’s better. The nanobots will counter the helicopter’s movements. Should get rid of this motion sickness in a jiffy.”

Abby sat up straighter. She drew in a deep breath, got to her feet, and walked to the open door to peer over the edge. “Thank God for technology, right?”

Terra glanced up from her bag and groaned. “Maybe for you… This exo-suit just seems to make everything worse.” She banged her free hand against the suit’s side.

Abby laughed. “It has its drawbacks, but also its good side. After all, it’ll boost you right up to the strength you had in the coliseum. I been making adjustments to the old suits, so this should work better.”

Anabelle thought back to her first mission with humans who’d been wearing similar exo-suits. It had been a disaster. She hoped Abby’s version worked better. Otherwise, Terra would be useless in a fight.

Terra moaned loudly as she lay on her side. It was hard to imagine Terra as the sole human who had survived the Game Master, a lieutenant in the Dark One’s coliseum on the orcish world. After her successes, Terra had received the title of orc chieftain.

Coliseum survivor, orc chieftain, now defeated by a tiny bit of motion sickness.

Anabelle went to stand beside Abby and give Terra some space to deal with her sickness. The pair looked out at the skyscrapers and traffic below. “First time in the city?”

Abby shook her head. She’d been here once before, also in a battle scenario. And that was when she had met Persephone, a drow assassin who had tried to kill her. But all was well that ended well. The drow might have tried to kill her once, but now…now they were friends.

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