Shadow Magic by Alex Gates

  Shadow Magic

Shadow Magic by Alex Gates
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

I’m Alex (Alexandra) Gates, and I’m a crime thriller writer from Pittsburgh, PA. When I’m not cheering on the Steelers or Pens (or wrangling my little ankle-biters, both furball and of the child-variety), I’m stationed at the computer, penning the London McKenna Detective Series.

What if Deadpool and The Punisher had a baby…
I’m Joseph Labrador Hunter, and you’re dead wrong if you think you can handle my story. In the words of my old pal, Lemony Snicket, “If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other book,” or going to some other massage parlor. My story isn’t one of happiness.
It has a sad beginning…
In the middle, there’s a lot of violent, sad things that happen…
And at the end, well, that’s the saddest part.
I’m not a hero. I’m not a wizard. I’m not Superman with a wand. If you’re looking for light-hearted fun, go sniff up someone else’s magical staff.

“You there?” Janya asked, waving a hand before my face. “You okay?”

“What?” I shook my head. “Yeah, sorry. There’s a lot going on with … work, and when you asked what I did, I went into this spiral.” Wow. What a save. If you ever need backpedaling advice, hit me up. I’m not cheap, but I’m easy, baby. “I work in freelance.”

“Doing what?”

Stop with the questions already, lady. Since when did dates turn into interrogations?

The Seekers had provided me with a portfolio to study when they offered me this contract. The papers detailed a fake person’s fake life and their fake job. I was supposed to memorize it and refer to the information when asked any question—such as, what do you do for a living?

Wait a dog-gone minute. You don’t know yet, do you? It’s almost been a week, and I didn’t tell you. Did someone else? Was it Xander? No. That guy couldn’t tell a story if it crawled up his ass, died, and he farted it out to bask in its essence.

Well, quick information dump then. Shortly after the incident with Circe—like two-days-later shortly—I found a job with a quasi-criminal organization known as the Seekers. In short, they hire contractors like me to kill identified Cursed creatures or Sorcerers gone crazy and violent with power. Usually, Seekers are Acolytes tasked with finding Cursed beings and innate magic users who cannot control their power, and they eradicate them from existence. Occasionally, a Sheep who is more enlightened to the supernatural world joins their ranks—though that is under extreme circumstances and vetting. Xander, with his connections through MIS—though the company and the faction don’t agree ideologically, they are very aware of the other and often partner together—along with Dakota, secured me a job interview.

The Seekers didn’t sit me down at a conference table and take turns asking me questions about how I would handle unpredictable situations. By the way, the answer is always, “Call the superior.” Just some free interview advice for you—keep in mind before using it, I’ve never passed a job interview. So, instead of grilling me with scenario-based questions, they handed me a manilla folder and told me to study and memorize the contents within. Then they instructed me to eliminate the provided target.

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