Shadow of the Seraph by Sarah Hawke

Shadow of the Seraph

Shadow of the Seraph by Sarah Hawke
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

The Thirty-Year War is over, and the once-invincible Seraphim Dominion—a vast, interstellar government controlled by gifted humans with psionic abilities—has crumbled. Now anyone with a spark of psychic potential is tirelessly hunted across the galaxy by the ruthless operatives of the new regime. But for those few with the ability to conceal their gifts, there has never been a greater opportunity for profit—or mischief.

Kaya and Mysha, a pair of sexy, young data thieves, have made a career out of grifting rich corporate executives, powerful planetary governors, and other influential elites blessed with galaxy-sized egos and overflowing bank accounts. Together they are an unstoppable duo who rob from the rich and give to themselves.

But their newest target is about to change their lives forever. Dorian Garr, the brilliant son of a wealthy tech magnate, harbors his own secret gifts—as well as a trove of secrets that could change the course of history for every emergent psychic in the galaxy. He is nothing like the indolent, dull-witted rubes the girls are accustomed to swindling, and he is about to give them far more than they bargained for…

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