Shadow of the Sun by Marney Blom

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Shadow of the Sun by Marney Blom
English | 2020| General Fiction/Classics| ePUB | 2.7 MB

Letters were strictly forbidden. Weighing the consequences Menno continued to secretly write. The tiny, unsent notes to his wife Flor kept the POW’s hope alive as the former headmaster struggled to survive the brutality of POW labor camps. While he toiled under the shadow of the Imperial Japanese flag, Flor and his seven children, also interned by the Japanese, endured the horrific conditions of the women and children’s camps on the island of Java.

Tragic yet heartfelt, vivid and historic, Shadow of the Sun is based on the gripping true story of Menno and Florence Giliam, a young Dutch missionary family separated by WWII Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies. With fear their constant companion, will they survive?

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