Shadow of the White Bear by J.W. Webb

Shadow of the White Bear

Shadow of the White Bear by J.W. Webb (Berserker Book 3)
English | 2021|Romance FF, Suspense| ePUB | 7 MB

Time runs short as battle rages. She holds all the cards. He must kill that witch soon or lose everything…
As Jaran and Savarna reach his island, Valkador, the witch prepares for their welcome. Sheega has new allies, including the vile trickster, Lofhi, who has a hold over their friend. Finvar has sworn to betray Jaran at the last full moon. Before that happens, they must defeat the giant Gorvaron and Sheega’s other demons.
A world away war rages in Shen. Savarna’s twin Vian holds the key to save his empress and her city. But dare he unleash his dragon again? As the enemy attacks, Vian knows they can’t hold out for long. And where is Savarna when he needs her most? Torn between love and survival, Vian must make his choice else lose everything he values.
Two moons must pass before our heroes dare strike the final blow. But can Jaran, Savarna and Vian survive that long?

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