Shadows and Blood by William Massa

Shadows and Blood

Shadows and Blood by William Massa (The Hexecutioner Book 3)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.6 MB

A Familiar is hunting single mothers for his undead masters. A cold-hearted Casanova, he makes his unsuspecting victims fall in love with him before turning them over to the vampires that he serves. Driven by a desire for immortality, he will stop at nothing to achieve his dark goals. Until he meets the Hexecutioner—judge, jury and executioner of supernatural evil.
In the real world, he is Special Agent Jaxon Weylock, FBI profiler of human monsters. But in the shadow world where supernatural beasts prey on the innocent, he is the Hexecutioner, punisher of otherworldly evil.
Versed in the dark arts, master of magic and occult ritual, Weylock hunts—and executes—the monsters that haunt humanity’s nightmares.

The Hexecutioner was on the hunt. But he wasn’t the only one.

The man who’d just asked the attractive waitress out was hunting, too. His goal wasn’t to eventually get this lady into his bed. He was after something very different. 

He wanted Natalie’s blood.

Not for himself, though. Todd wasn’t a supernatural creature even though he craved to be. The scars all across his body gave away his true nature. The blemishes were invisible to the human eye. To Weylock’s magically enhanced senses, the markings of evil glowed with a blazing red light. The twin puncture wounds on the bastard’s neck and forearms didn’t lie.

Todd was a Familiar. A man who served monsters.

From the looks of the bite marks, two vampires had fed on the man. The nosferati hadn’t killed him because they required his services. Most likely, the monsters were quite old and incapable of passing themselves as humans any longer. Even immortals aged, just at a much slower rate. After a few millennia, time eroded the veneer of humanity from such creatures, turning them into grotesques, forced to dwell in the shadows.

The vampires couldn’t do their own hunting any more. So it was up to Todd to find their next meal.

And he’d been a busy boy. At least ten women had gone missing under mysterious circumstances in the city over the last month alone.

Weylock understood all too well what had happened to them. The monsters that Todd served had feasted on their blood. Their remains now rested in shallow unmarked graves, unmourned and unavenged.  

Weylock knew all this because the vampires’ victims had communicated with him directly through the pages of the Necrodex, the mysterious Book of the Dead gifted to him by the monks at the monastery of the Holy Knight.

They’d reached out to him as many other lost souls had reached out to Hexecutioners over the centuries, demanding vengeance for their untimely deaths and release from the perpetual limbo state they found themselves trapped in.

Only one person on Earth could answer their desperate call.

Only one person could help them throw off their earthly shackles so they could move on to the world beyond.

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