Shake And Bake by Ben Rehder

Shake And Bake

Shake And Bake by Ben Rehder (Roy Ballard Mysteries Book 6)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB |380 Kb

Shake And Bake : Does Caleb Dimmick really work at his father’s motorcycle dealership, or does he simply ride the payroll, thereby giving his dad a nice tax break? Roy Ballard, a legal videographer specializing in insurance fraud, is hired to find out. After just a few days, Roy is convinced everything is legit—until a dealership employee is gunned down in his own backyard, possibly by an assassin on an orange sportbike. Now, with a large life insurance payout on the line, Roy needs to identify the killer. But the deeper Roy digs, the greater the risk grows, setting up a series of deadly confrontations that will shake him to his core.

“Absolutely, but less so on a Friday at 5:15. You call this late, it’s almost like you don’t really want me to answer.”

Heidi worked in the fraud department of one of the world’s largest insurance conglomerates. She’d been one of my most important clients since I’d opened my doors as a legal videographer. Most legal videographers record depositions, court proceedings, and scenes of accidents. But my partner and I specialize in catching insurance cheats. In fact, it’s all we do, and we’ve earned a reputation for being the best.

Heidi said, “Tell you the truth, I was prepared to leave a message and ask you to call me on Monday. We can do that if you’d rather.”

I thought about sitting alone in the house, with nothing but the TV to keep me company.

“No, let’s talk. I want to hear what kind of shenanigans you have in store for me.”

“I love that you’re always up for some shenanigans.”

“But I draw the line at antics or tomfoolery.”

“Fortunately, this case only goes as far as hijinks.”

“Oh, those are my favorite. Let’s hear.”

“I’ll email the file in a bit, but I can cover the basics in about five minutes. You familiar with Motorcycle Mania, west of Oak Hill?”

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