Shanghai Dreams (Shanghai Story #2) by Alexa Kang

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Shanghai Dreams (Shanghai Story #2) by Alexa Kang
English | 2018| General Fiction| ePUB | 1.3 MB

On the eve when the Empire of the Rising Sun arrives to scorch all in its path, how much must one sacrifice to keep alive the glimmer of hope? Follow this saga and watch the brightest city in the East take its last stand at the dawn of WWII.

In the face of horror, his country stood alone. Japan’s hunger for power shows no signs of retreat. Pushed to the edge, the Kuomintang turns to the Kremlin as its last hope for help.
To help his country succeed, Clark Yuan has to make a choice. Follow his heart and pursue the woman he loves, or give cover to a Russian princess as her paramour in a plot to sway the Soviets behind their cause?
What should a man do when protecting his country demands the loss of his dreams?

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