Shark Beach by Chris Jameson

Shark Beach

Shark Beach by Chris Jameson
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.9 Mb

Shark Beach : A dream getaway is about to turn into a living nightmare. . .

Rick and Corinne Scully and their kids have visited Florida’s Captiva Island many times. This year, they’ve brought along their best friends, who can’t wait to finally experience the place the Scullys call Paradise on Earth.

But this vacation is turning out to be a lot different than planned. The Scullys never expected the rowdy college spring-breakers renting the house next door, or a hurricane that would sweep through the Gulf Coast, or the century-old shipwreck that washed up on the shore. They never knew about the military research being done at a nearby marine institute—and the test subjects that escaped during the hurricane. In the aftermath of the storm, the Scullys and their friends will try to salvage what’s left of their time at the beach. They believe it’s safe to go back in the water. . .but they’re dead wrong.

“There had been growing tension between them over the past couple of years and she had been dubious about this vacation as a result, particularly since they were sharing the beach house with friends. Jenn and Matti Hautala and their son, Jesse, were more like family. The couples were together so often their kids had grown up squabbling like siblings.

Before marriage, it had never occurred to Corinne how difficult it would be to find another couple whose company both she and Rick would treasure, but Jenn and Matti were that couple. Which meant the four of them knew one another’s secrets, and that Jenn had begun to sense the turmoil brewing in the Scullys’ marriage before Corinne herself had consciously become aware of it.

On his beach towel, Matti reached out a hand without even opening his eyes. “My psychic gift tells me there is an unwanted beer floating in the ether. Come to me, lost soul, and we shall be one.”

Corinne laughed. Rick nodded in satisfaction and slapped the dripping bottle of Corona into Matti’s hand. With a grunt, Matti sat up and stared at the bottle as if it had magically manifested in his grasp, then looked up to the sky and mouthed “thank you” toward the heavens before tipping the bottle to his lips. When he lay back down, the bottle nestled into the sand by his head, Jenn reached over from her towel and laid a dark arm across his pink-tinged back in the quiet, contented way they always seemed to manage so easily.

We used to be like that, Corinne thought. Or at least she believed they had. But she and Rick both worked so much that they were often apart, and the less time they spent together, the harder it was for her to remember that she loved her husband, and the easier it was to see the traits she found irritating about him. She could tell that Rick felt the same, that their frequent sparring and the many nights they went to bed with a chilly space between them had taken a toll.

So they had returned to paradise.”


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