Shattered Angel by Baird Nuckolls, James R Sand

Shattered Angel

Shattered Angel by Baird Nuckolls, James R Sand (Morelli’s Private Inquiries Book 1)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 323 Kb

Shattered Angel : Set amid the growing roar of the 1920’s, a beautiful young flapper named Angel has hired Adriano Morelli, an ex-cop turned private detective, to follow her cheating husband. When Morelli steps into the rarified hush of a Fifth
Avenue apartment looking for his client, what he discovers changes the stakes of the game.
He now has a murder to solve while staying one step ahead of the cops. And with a history of failure, especially when it comes to beautiful women, Morelli is hoping to redeem himself for past sins. From the Cotton Club and the city’s speakeasies to the Polo Grounds where heavyweight Jack Dempsey faces his greatest opponent, the life of New York City comes right off the pages of the newspapers of the day in this riveting historical mystery.

“He pulled a reluctant Sean over toward the table that served as a bar and asked the man there to pour him a whiskey. Sean took a long sip. It was the finest whiskey he’d had the pleasure of enjoying. He raised his glass to his smiling host. Sean had known Aaron Hart for quite some time, had done work for him in the past, but had never been inside Hart’s home. When Sean had called him the other day about a business matter, he hadn’t expected to be invited to any party. But Hart had insisted, saying there were a number of things they needed to discuss. Sean was nervous that his cousin Maggie would be one of the topics, but there had been no chance to speak with Hart privately yet.

“Nice party, Mr. Hart. Thanks for inviting me.”

“Certainly, Sean. Have a good time and we’ll talk in a little while. But if you’ll excuse me, I need to speak to someone first.”

Hart turned and walked through the crowd of well-dressed men and beautiful women. He took the arm of a young lady dressed in a golden gown. Her blonde hair shone a matching gold, curling against the back of her neck. It was cut in the new bob that was all the rage with the flappers. Sean couldn’t see her face from where he was standing, but Hart was having an intense conversation with her.

“That’s Angel,” said a voice at Sean’s elbow.

Sean turned to see an older woman dressed richly in a maroon gown decorated with feathers and jewels.

“My daughter.” She gestured toward the girl in gold. “I am Gladys Hart, but who are you?”

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