She Dreams in Blood by Michael R. Fletcher

 She Dreams in Blood

She Dreams in Blood (The Obsidian Path #2) by Michael R. Fletcher
English | 2021| Fantasy | ePUB | 7 MB

Michael R. Fletcher is a science fiction and fantasy author, a grilled cheese aficionado, and a whiskey-swilling reprobate. He spends his days choreographing his forklift musical (titled “Get Forked”), and using caffeine as a substitute for sanity.

Drawn by the shards of his obsidian heart, Khraen follows the path south. The islands, largely ignored by the Wizard’s Guild, have become a refuge for the unwanted of the world. Necromancers and sorcerers rule warring tribes haunted by the ghosts of savage and primal gods.
With each fragment Khraen discovers more of the man he was.
There was an Empire.
There was a god.
And she dreamed in blood.

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