Sheared Wolf Pack by Arton Haziri

 Sheared Wolf Pack

Sheared Wolf Pack by Arton Haziri
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 312 Kb

Sheared Wolf Pack : Roger Simons and Heinz Lessing wake up in a claustrophobic windowless room of an illegally ran Mental Hospital situated in the middle of forest, the location of which is only known to few. Moments after the shocking truth of their kidnaping is revealed by the Hospital Director Thurman Sanders, the two scientists get injected with Hallucinogenic drug, effects of which rarely manifest but are permanent.

Roger receives medical treatment from one of the nurses, who also reveals the truth about the horrors of hallucinogen rich well water, food of questionable source and a Wolf Pack that pray on those who get lost in an attempted escape. Heinz is taken to isolation as he caused trouble.

There he meets a chemical engineer, another scientist doomed by the wealthy businessman Giles Brock. Gilles has the two scientists, Roger and Heinz, brought into the mental institution for their attempt in saving Humanities first man mission to Jupiter’s Moon Europa, the ultimate punishment saturated with suffering for disobeying the orders, the punishment no one ever escapes.

“Well, I was a Vice Director, while Roger was the lead Director of Europa One, humanities first mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa.’ Heinz’s voice was filled with confidence. The bonny faced patient shook his head in disbelief.

‘Oh no! They gave you hallucinogen, didn’t they?’ He sighed, ‘I’m afraid that once given or better said once you receive the injection, the hallucinations become permanent.’

‘What?’ Roger quickly turned towards him after scrutinizing the three-story building, that was almost completely covered in ivy plant. ‘The injection we got, the long and narrow metallic syringe that hurt like a…’ he swore nastily, ‘is that what you’re talking about?’ The slim man shook his head, expressing disappointment. Roger forced the air through his tightly clutched lips, articulating childish sounds and ejecting saliva uncontrollably.

‘What kind of hallucinogen are we talking about? Elucidate please.’ Heinz was under pressure after seeing his friend react in such an abnormal manner. ‘I feel fine, and for now I’m sure I’m not hallucinating…wait a minute, how do I know you’re real?’

‘Roger!’ Kwento raised his voice for the first time. ‘Stop this, they’ll see you.’ He quickly lowered his tone and glanced around again.

‘Who?’ Heinz asked gazing at Roger, who was too angry to engage in conversation.”

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