Sheltered by Justin Leslie


Sheltered by Justin Leslie (Sinking Man Series 1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 1.5 MB

Ben and his wife Sarah had a front row seat for the apocalypse. Unfortunately , they were from different sides of the country. Separated by a ravaging virus, the couple finds themselves struggling to reunite during a time that feels like the end of days.
While Ben sat in his secluded upscale riverside house, infected people ravaged the countryside. The Plan was simple. If either of them ever got separated, they would make their way home.

Ben stood looking out over the St. Johns River from his secluded dock. Like most mornings, he held his cup of coffee in one hand and half-cocked attitude on life in the other. The out-of-the-way gated community he lived in, tucked away in a small inlet, secluded him from the apocalypse that was raging around him. At least, raging last time he had checked, which had been never.

Ben’s morning walk didn’t require him to wear pants — or underwear, for that matter — anymore. He leaned over with the robe he wore lightly pushed out of the way and released a splashing torrent, peeing directly into the water. The 9mm Glock hanging off a shoulder holster was the one thing he never forgot to wear. Pants yes, gun no.

Reaching down, Ben turned on the one thing he had that connected him to the world outside of his secluded, empty riverfront neighborhood: a satellite phone. He sighed, taking a sip of his coffee before shaking his head.

“Hello,” was all he said into the receiver after dialing the last number he had called — the phone number his wife, Sarah, had given him before leaving. He’d learned that keeping the phone on all the time in hopes of receiving a call from her would only run the battery down over time, so with this knowledge, he only turned it on every morning while walking out to the dock, also sending a short text.

Two months ago to the day, he had received a text message saying nothing more than, “The plan…safe.” That message had reenergized Ben after almost ten months of complete seclusion. The plan was simple. Anything ever happened, they made their way home, no matter who was out or where they were.

The funny thing about apocalypses was that they had a peculiar sense of irony. Ben had struggled at first to figure out a name for what was happening, so he had hit the easy button and landed on zombies.

When it had first started, the world was calling them crazies. People catching a disease, then losing their shit. That had changed, though, and for the worse. People had started shifting and becoming, well…zombies of a sort.

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