Shifting Power by John Walker

Shifting Power

Shifting Power by John Walker: Ether War Book 8
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.9 MB

John Walker is the author of the popular “Rise Of Mankind” series.

Power shifts and the universe changes for the soldiers stationed on the Morrigan. After the revelation that the military had been usurped by Jerson Whitaker, Captain Markel must make a difficult decision. Should he defy the man or comply with his demand to return to confederate space?

Meanwhile, their established base on Gallik is under attack. A group of scouts have been lost in the hills, and an enemy force musters at the gates. With the assistance of Major Oliver Peck, they have limited time to rescue their people and save their settlement from the mercenary forces bent on eliminating them.

Erris and Rita receive an offer they literally can’t refuse, putting them in a tough spot. Can they trust the people offering them the universe? Or are they being set up as pawns in a game neither of them even understands?

Bex Carlisle cried out as a rock bashed his shoulder. Pain dug deep, rocketing through his chest and down to his stomach, where it seemed to sit for a good twenty seconds. The blow made him stumble, tripping for several paces before he reclaimed his balance. Other stones bounced off the dusty ground around him, narrowly missing their marks.

People shouted, screaming around him, a gauntlet of low-tech maniacs each trying to bash his skull. He held his arms over the sides of his head, a tactic that may have saved his life when one particularly nasty stone connected with his left forearm. Something crunched… he couldn’t be sure if he’d broken something or not.

The agony of the blow lingered, not dulling like the pain on his back. Whoever tagged him pulled off an amazing shot, catching the bone. He lowered his center of gravity, continuing to hustle, making his way toward the light at the end of the cave, the brightness representing potential freedom.

Bex had woken up in the cave five minutes earlier, his head swimming from some sort of narcotic. His memory failed him. He had no idea what specifically happened nor how he had ended up there. Rage-filled eyes closed in on him; men and women wearing tattered garments while carrying stones and hefty clubs.

They must’ve sensed his awareness returning to him; must have known the precise moment he recognized the danger he was in. Several men had closed on him as he’d sat up, swinging the sticks in his general direction. He took a couple decent blows to the chest and stomach before clambering to his feet to dash off.

That’s when the rocks had come cascading down, showering him with everything from pebbles to goodly sized stones. Many hit him, but adrenaline kept the pain of those lesser attacks from bothering him. Only the bigger ones, those large enough to break something, really worried him.

Their shouts were animalistic. None of them said anything. At least, not in a language he understood. Whatever he’d done to offend them warranted death, that much he had gathered—but why? The possibilities rattled through his head, each more absurd than the last. Mostly because he struggled to remember anything let alone how he’d gotten into the mess.

Did I kill someone? Sleep with one of their leaders? Or is this how they handle trespassers? Fifty feet away from the exit, it seemed to shrink. A scraping noise made his ears twitch. Someone appeared to be closing off his only means of escape! A particularly massive rock, one he’d never be able to move on his own. Move, man! Move!

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