Shock Heir For The King by Clare Connelly

Shock Heir For The King

Shock Heir For The King by Clare Connelly (Secret Heirs of Billionaires #25)
English | 2019 | Romance | ePUB | 1.3 Mb

Shock Heir For The King : Cinderella had his baby… Now she’ll wear his crownVibrant artist Frankie is shocked when Matt, the enigmatic stranger she gave her innocence to, reappears in her life. His touch was intensely sensual, his kiss pure magic…yet their affair had consequences, and Frankie had no way to contact him. Now she’s in for the biggest shock of all–Matt is actually King Matthias! And to claim his heir, he demands Frankie become his queen!Explore the king’s Mediterranean palace with his royal bride.

“It had been three years since Frankie had seen this man but, courtesy of her dreams, she remembered him as vividly as if they’d met only the day before.

Oh, how she wanted to drag her eyes down his body, to luxuriate in every inch of him, to remember the strength in his frame, the contradictory gentleness he’d shown when he’d taken possession of her body that first time, when he’d held her in his arms and removed the vestiges of her innocence. How she wanted to give into the temptation to hungrily devour him with her gaze.

With the greatest of efforts, she crossed her arms over her chest and maintained her attention on his face. A face that was watching her with just as much intensity as she was him.

‘Matt,’ she murmured, proud beyond description when her voice came out steady and cool. ‘Are you looking for a piece of art?’

Something seemed to throb between them. A power source that was all its own, that Frankie pushed aside. It wasn’t welcome.

‘Would you show me your work?’ he responded, and it wasn’t an answer. It was an invitation, one that was fraught with danger. Belatedly, she recollected that the wall of paintings behind her was of their son and if he looked a little to the left or right he’d see clearly for himself the proof of their weekend together.”

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