Shot Through the Heart by Isabelle Grey

Shot Through the Heart

Shot Through the Heart (Di Grace Fisher Series Book 2) by Isabelle Grey
English | 2016| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.4 MB

Who can you turn to if not the police?

Essex, Christmas Day. As the residents of a small town enjoy their mince pies, shots ring out in the street. Five people are gunned down before the lone shooter turns his weapon on himself.

Grace Fisher, now Detective Inspector, is tasked with making some sense of this atrocity – all the more sensitive because the first of the victims was one of their own: a police officer. The case throws her back together with crime reporter Ivo Sweatman, but as she investigates it becomes clear that the police connection goes much deeper than she thought. As the evidence of corruption grows and she is obstructed at every turn, Grace knows she is walking further into danger. Then, her young key witness disappears….

What far-reaching compromises will Grace have to make to safeguard the innocent?

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