Siege of Earth by D. J. Holmes,Ivo Brankovikj

Siege of Earth

Siege of Earth (Empire Rising Book 6) by D. J. Holmes,Ivo Brankovikj (Illustrator)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 577 Kb

Siege of Earth : The Flex-aor invasion fleets have been stopped, but at great cost. Human colonies lie in ruins, fleets have been decimated and the economies of the major space powers have been stretched to breaking point. Yet one nation stands unaffected. Hidden behind their borders, the Russian Space Federation is stronger than ever. Still enraged by the harsh peace terms forced upon them more than thirty years ago, the Federation sees its chance for revenge. Led by an Admiral with the tactical capabilities to rival any from the Allied space powers, the Russians have only one goal in mind; humanity’s homeworld will be theirs.

With the swiftness of the Russian attack, James, Suzanna, Lightfoot and many others find themselves isolated and cut off from one another. Worse, they are surrounded by allies that may no longer be trustworthy. Forced to fight with whatever forces they can muster, victory seems all but impossible.

Once again, the stakes are as high as they can get, for defeat would see the homeworld they sacrificed so much to protect falling under a new Russian tyranny. And if Earth falls, so too will the British Star Kingdom.

“They’re cruising in at around 0.2c,” Intrepid’s navigation officer updated everyone. “If they increase their velocity to their maximum when they figure out we’ve detected them, it will take them four hours to reach Cartier.”

Hanson kept quiet. Four hours wasn’t long enough for reinforcements from outside the system to even learn about the Russians ships, never mind for them to come to Cartier’s aid. If the Russians had come in the strength he suspected, the planet would fall. Whilst his navigation officer sounded excited at the prospect of witnessing battle, he felt otherwise. In his fifteen years of service with the Royal Space Navy he had seen plenty of fleet engagements. He didn’t need to see anymore. Yet he knew it was unavoidable. The Russians’ appearance was a surprise, but at the same time it made sense. With so many human ships committed to the American colonies, and from all the reports, so many having already been lost, the space faring powers were weaker than they had been for more than a century. Now was the best time for the Russians to strike, especially if they didn’t care about endangering the whole human race by leaving the door wide open for another attack from the Flex-aor. It seemed they didn’t.

It is all part of the plan, Hanson reminded himself as he pictured Cartier’s fall. Since the last war with the Russians, the planet had been largely evacuated. It was essentially a fortified world. Its role was to blunt and slow down any Russian invasion so as to give the Allied Fleet stationed at New France time to prepare to face the invaders. At least that was the plan.”


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