Silent Murder by E. R. Fallon

Silent Murder

Silent Murder by E. R. Fallon (Detective Everhart #2)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.9 MB

A body dismembered with a chainsaw is found under an infamous Newark bridge. The victim has links to organized crime.

On her first day back at the job Detective Rebecca Everhart has a new partner to cope with as well as this baffling case. Rebecca has just come back from a shocking homicide investigation that left her shaken.

Then another body turns up with the same gruesome wounds as the first. Has Rebecca got a serial killer on her hands or a mob war? She must enter the tightly-knit Portuguese community to break the case. This is second of a series of enthralling mysteries featuring Detective Rebecca Everhart.

“He might have mentioned something about it, yeah, but your first priority is still the Abreu case. And if you have time you can pursue Bobby Cooper’s cold case, but your first priority is finding out who killed Joao Abreu. Understood?”

Despite my promise to Dino, a fellow officer, our occupation ran on protocol so I didn’t have much of a choice. “Copy that, sir,” I said.

“I’m glad to hear you understand, Everhart.”

I might not have liked it, but as a trained officer, I understood the reasoning behind it.

“Where are you off to first?” Captain Peters said, as if to make sure I still wasn’t planning on pursuing Bobby Cooper’s death first behind his back. I didn’t like that. I needed him to trust me.

“I’m headed to the morgue, sir,” I said.

“That’s a good place to start.”

“Thanks, sir. Now if you’ll excuse me—”

“Of course, Everhart, carry on.”

I had just stepped out of the office, file in hand, when Peters called me back in. “Everhart—I thought I should warn you that Abreu hasn’t got any limbs.”

I turned around. “What do you mean?”

He motioned with his hand and made a whirring sound.

“You mean, they cut them off?”

“They did.”

“With what, a saw?”

The captain nodded. “Yes, with something like a chainsaw, and the medical examiner told the previous detective on the case that it looks like Abreu was still conscious when they did it.”

“Jesus Christ, he must have really suffered,” I whispered. “What the heck did he do to deserve that?” I said.

Peters shrugged. “Possibly very little. Sometimes in cases like this it was just a small slight that someone blew out of proportion as an excuse to commit a sick act. These are the kind of people we’re dealing with. The type of people who would dismember a man alive with a chainsaw. Most likely genuine sadists. Or a sadist.”

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