Silicon Override by Shawn Ketcherside

Silicon Override

Silicon Override by Shawn Ketcherside
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 7 MB

One thousand feet below the ocean, in the largest and most advanced research facility on Earth, something has gone terribly wrong…
Chase Edwards, a brilliant, reformed slacker, arrives at ArcSIS on the eve of the most ambitious experiment in human history — His life finally back on track. At ArcSIS he’ll have access to cutting-edge technology, advanced resources, and the world’s most talented scientists and engineers – all of which meant to design, patent, and usher in the next stage in human evolution. It’s everything Chase needs to restart his once promising career.
But when the experiment results in disaster, Chase finds himself on the run from the transformed and terrifying reawakened bodies of the ArcSIS staff, all under the absolute control of a renegade AI – Node Zero.
Trapped a thousand feet below the surface of the ocean, completely cut off and isolated from the outside world – The catastrophe turns personal when Chase learns that Node Zero has a special connection to him – and it won’t stop until Chase is assimilated into its network… Or he’s exterminated.
Now Chase must survive long enough to uncover the dark secrets and true aims of ArcSIS, clinging to his fragile hope it will give him the means to stop Node Zero from escaping the facility and unleashing wholesale devastation upon the earth.

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