Silverspear by Aaron Oster, Richard Sashigane


Silverspear by Aaron Oster, Richard Sashigane (Rise to Omniscience Book 6
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Aaron has been a huge fantasy nerd for as long as he can remember. He’s an especially big fan of epic fantasy and LitRPG. He’s always loved writing, so he decided to give it a shot! He doesn’t much like his day job, and would prefer to become a full time author. (Hey, everyone’s got a dream!)

Two years have passed since the fall of Octagon the Bitter and the dire warning from Order. The barrier that once separated the Five Kingdoms from the rest of the world is failing. Morgan is the first to encounter one of these invaders, signaling that the time has come for him to set out on his mission.
He won’t be going alone, as he is sidetracked by an unexpected guest when visiting the Ruined City. Morgan can’t remain in the Five Kingdoms for long and must set out for Faeland, the continent of their enemies.
The rulers of Faeland have been preparing as well. Warned by a new Pantheon of gods that the human scourge is free once again, they move to act before their ancient enemies have a chance. War is brewing on both sides, even as gods scheme and ancient monsters stir. Only one thing is definite – Morgan will do whatever it takes to see his mission through to the end. No matter the cost.

She was beautiful, even by the standards of their kind. They were the most beautiful of all races — at least, in the elves’ opinion. Gilderon truly believed a ruler should always be physically superior to their underlings, so the queen’s beauty was to be expected. As Elyssa continued with her whiny rant, she made it abundantly clear how she’d driven off every single suitor brought before her. No one could stand being in her presence for more than a few minutes, stunning looks or not, which was a problem.

Without an heir, their kingdom would be weakened and open to the other nobility to try and pull something underhanded. Of course, Elyssa wouldn’t be an easy target under the best of circumstances. As the heir to the throne, she’d been lavished with beast cores from a young age and had grown powerful enough to fend off an army. Still, the people among the nobility were powerful, so tempering her attitude and finding her a suitable king would be Gilderon’s top priority once this council meeting had concluded.

“Ah, I believe I can see the forest opening up ahead,” Gilderon said, cutting Elyssa’s complaining off mid-sentence.

“Finally!” Elyssa said with an eye-roll. “We’ve been walking for hours!”

“We’ll have the portal set up here once the meeting concludes so we can head straight back to your palace,” Gilderon said, moving aside the last of the brush and allowing his charge to head into the open clearing.

They’d been forced to portal into an old outpost some five miles away, as no one had needed to use one to get here in so long. The portal that had been set up on the convergence point itself had become inactive, and so, walking had been necessary.

“Ho there! Looks like you’ve finally arrived!”

Gilderon turned, his eyes sweeping over the rainbow-colored stone blocks, to the five gazebos set in a half-circle on one side. Each of these were built to house one of the rulers while they were here. They were relatively simple constructs, made up of a roof to fend off the sun and a throne upon which a ruler could sit.

One of these gazebos, specifically the one used by the dwarves, was already full. Sitting in the throne was a boulder of a man. Long black hair hung down from both his back and chest, the fine beard braided with glittering gems. His armor gleamed just as brightly against the sunlight. He needn’t have worn his full set here, but for some reason, dwarves seemed to like wearing armor wherever they went.

His face was craggy and rough, the skin a grayish blue beneath the hair. His eyes were small and black, and his nose was crooked from so many breaks that Gilderon was shocked that it was still attached to the man’s face. He was powerfully built, with knotted cords of muscle standing out all over his squat and bulky frame.

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