Since the Sirens: The Complete Box Set by E.E. Isherwood (#1-#7)

Since the Sirens

Since the Sirens: The Complete Box Set by E.E. Isherwood (#1-#7)
English | 2021| Zombie Apocalypse| ePUB | 4 MB

What would you do if someone told you the savior against the zombie apocalypse was your pixie-sized great-grandmother, and those of similar age? Would you believe it? Would you risk everything to keep her alive when the chunks splatter the fan? Liam Peters doesn’t care about the cure today, he only wants to save his dear old granny. The first step is getting her out of St. Louis. A city overrun with zombies and quickly losing every ounce of law and order. Luckily, he won’t be alone. There are good people left in the world, and Grandma Marty still has a few tricks of her own. At the same time, there are a growing number of zombies, and a shrinking number of living people. The journey won’t be easy. Escaping the city is just the first book. Each new story brings in more challenges, more heroes, more devastation, and, of course, more zombies. By the end, Liam may have to face off alone against an insurmountable army of the undead.

Books in this collection:

Since The Sirens (Book 1)
Siren Songs (Book 2)
Stop The Sirens (Book 3)
Last Fight (Book 4)
Zombie V. Polar (Book 5)
Zombies Ever After (Book 6)
Zombie Escape (Book 7)

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