Single by RJ Scott


Single by RJ Scott (Single Dads Book 1)
English | 2019 | Romance MM | ePUB | 267 Kb

Single : Reeling from the painful rejection of a man he thought he loved, Asher is left holding the baby.
Ash wants a family, and is determined to continue with a surrogacy he’d begun with his ex. Bringing baby Mia home, he vows that he will be the best father he can be. Nothing in this world matters more to him than caring for his daughter, not even accidentally falling in lust with the doctor next door. Challenged by his growing attraction to Sean, and confronted by painful memories of his family, Ash has to learn that love is all that matters.
When ER doctor Sean moves in with his friends next door to sexy single father Ash, he falls so quickly it takes his breath away. The sex they have is hot, but Ash is adamant
his heart is too full with love for his daughter to let anyone else in. Why is Sean the only one who sees how scared Ash is, and how can he prove to his new lover that he desperately wants the three of them to become a family?

“Fake-Diesel spaced out in an instant, and for a brief shining moment, I genuinely thought that he understood what I was saying. Then he began to cry, great rivers of silent tears running down his face.

“Jesus,” I said, unsure what to do next. Should I comfort the complete stranger crying on my doorstep or call the cops or what?

“Sean!” the stranger yelled through the open part of the door. “Leo!”

What the fuck? You’ll wake the baby.

“Shut up!” I snapped as loudly as I dared, and hoped to hell his shouting hadn’t reached through the house and up to the very light sleeper that was my daughter.

“GUYS!” he yelled again, and this time, he pushed it too far. So I did what every sleep-deprived adult would do in my situation. I lost my cool and snapped.

Luckily, for him, the extent of my snapping was thrusting the fruit bowl toward him in the most threatening way I could imagine.

“You. Stop. Go. Away. Or I’m calling the cops.”

He took a step back. Wide-eyed. “What? Who? Where’s Sean? Is Leo home yet?”

“My name is Asher,” I snapped.

“Why are you in our house?” The guy looked so confused. “Are you Sean’s latest hookup? He likes pretty boys…” He stopped, blinking back tears. Should I be offended? At thirty-one, I was a long way past a boy or being called pretty, for fuck’s sake. One more step back and my visitor would be tumbling down the steps from my wraparound porch. He fumbled in his pocket, pulled out an old flip phone, and stared at the screen before punching at buttons with his big fingers.”

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