Singularity by Taitrina Falcon

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Singularity by Taitrina Falcon ( The Nexus #1)
English | 2015 | Sci-Fi | ePUB, .PDF, .MOBI/.AZW| 2.7 MB

The Temporal Response Unit (TRU) has one purpose: find time travelers and stop them in their tracks. It’s not because there is a timeline to protect, for the future is unwritten. The time travelers can’t change their past, but their actions impact our future in ways we can only guess.

TRU Agent Lucas Weiss is on his first case, charged with finding the time traveler and stopping him. Within an hour of the time traveler’s arrival, the town has its first murder of the year. On the eve of announcing a new cancer miracle drug, the victim is none other than prominent Leomins BioTech cancer researcher Dr. Lowe.

Finding the time traveler and learning his motives will require more ingenuity and know-how than Weiss may be prepared for, especially when the clues lead him to an even more elaborate scheme with far more operatives at play. As the TRU team searches, a showdown begins with potentially devastating consequences. The Nexus

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