Sinister Sands by Jay Penner

Sinister Sands

Sinister Sands (Whispers of Atlantis #4) by Jay Penner
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 3.4 MB

What hides in men’s hearts may be as dark as what lies beneath cursed sands

320 B.C.

Ptolemy, Egypt’s new satrap, is a worried man. A rebel threatens his rule, the Great River has failed to inundate adequately, priests demand ever more coin in return for appeasing the gods and restless people, and he increasingly fears attack by the many warring generals in Asia and Europe.

He thinks that the gods have smiled upon him when he receives tantalizing news of an entire army buried in the Great Sand Sea and might solve his desperate need for money to build and supply his own, except that to find it requires him to seek someone he once tried to have murdered.

Now Deon, a former captain in Alexander’s army, and Eurydice, a noble’s daughter with a command of many languages, are back on this tantalizing mission. And they are about to uncover something far more sinister than what they have been asked to find, because when kingdoms are at stake, loyalty, friendship, and family might mean nothing.

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