Sin’s Judgment by Ron Ripley

Sin's Judgment

Sin’s Judgment (Death Hunter Series Book 5) by Ron Ripley
English | 2021 |Fantasy| ePUB | 3.3 MB

Has ghost hunter Shane Ryan finally met his match?

Years of brutal combat and a never-ending battle against supernatural evil have taken a heavy toll on Shane Ryan. Now, as he searches for the man responsible for the recent thefts of haunted objects in New England, he finds himself wondering if the world would be better off without him…

But before he can succumb to the dark thoughts tormenting him, the former Marine receives a desperate call for help: a deadly spirit has infested a nearby seminary and has unleashed its bloody wrath on the local townsfolk.

Shane is determined to destroy this evil force before it can harm anyone else. But even he can’t take on such a powerful enemy alone. Luckily, before Shane could enter the foe’s decrepit lair, he is joined by a pair of old allies.

Will their combined forces be enough to defeat the sinister fiend? Or will they be forever scarred by the touch of sin…

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