Six Feet by Michele M Reynolds

 Six Feet

Six Feet by Michele M Reynolds
English | 2021 |Romance FF| PDF | 25 MB

Michele M. Reynolds is the author of right books (Love Coupons, Thawing Hearts, Love’s Autograph to name a few) .She is an outdoors enthusiast and has spent many years living in the wilderness. She has lived in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, and Massachusetts. When she is not writing or reading, she spends time with her family members.

Six Feet is a contemporary, pandemic romance with the emphasis on romance.
Henley Stones Smith, 42, is a psychologist with three foster daughters: Paloma, Jackie and Manhattan.
Nicki Zabelle, 28, is a professional video gamer who sleeps in late and always orders take-out.
The Covid pandemic hits and Nicki abruptly moves from Boston to Western Massachusetts where Henley is juggling working from home, remote school, and single parenthood.
Little Jackie’s early morning mishap brings Henley and Nicki together.
Henley sees Nicki as an incredibly young neighbor who is kind enough to share her pool.
Nicki sees Henley as an incredibly hot neighbor who she hopes is kind enough to share her bed.

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