Skin Hunter by Tania Hutley

Skin Hunter

Skin Hunter by Tania Hutley (Skin Hunter Series Book 1)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 262 Kb

Skin Hunter: Desperate to escape the dangerous streets of Old Triton, the buried city, Milla takes the ultimate risk.
Could a dead girl’s identity be her way out? A ticket to a richer, brighter world?
Now she’s part of a high tech contest, with a prize beyond money, fame and everything she has ever known. A chance to become something… new.
But if anyone finds out who Milla really is, she’s dead.
The other competitors come from privilege, their faces and bodies tweaked to perfection. Rich and handsome Cale could be the most dangerous of all. Why is he so interested in a scarred, ugly “sinker” like Milla?
To survive, she needs to change.
To win, she needs to evolve.
Just try and stop her.

“What are the goldfish thinking? Someone needs to tell them to ride their motorbike back up to New Triton. Far better to get soaked than take their chances in here.

The guy’s got the right idea, he’s gesturing toward the door. But the girl shakes her head and presses her mouth into a thin, flat line. He points at the band on her wrist, but she shakes her head again, looking over to the big holo screen at the other end of the shelter. Seems they’re arguing about it, but from the set of her lips I can tell he’s going to lose. What show could be so important she’d want to watch it in here?

I keep thinking one of the stompers watching the dinner lines will tell them to leave, but a fight’s broken out near the cluster of food machines that are spitting out the stew. At least a dozen men are piling into the fray, and the stompers are heading toward them instead.

I want to see if the goldfish do the smart thing and take off, but my band vibrates. It’s Ma. When I answer it I have to shout over all the noise.

Ma’s head appears above my band. Even if my cybernetic eye didn’t glitch out when I tried to look at holograms, her image is so pixelated, she’s little better than a blob.”

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