Sledding Away with Murder by Wendy Meadows

Sledding Away with Murder

Sledding Away with Murder (Sweetfern Harbor #21) by Wendy Meadows
English | 2020 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.1 MB

Wendy Meadows is a passionate Cozy Mystery Author whose stories showcase witty women sleuths and engaging plots. To date, she has published dozens of books, which include her popular Sweetfern Harbor Series, Maple Hill Series, and Alaska Cozy Series, to name a few.

This winter wonderland isn’t quite so innocent after all…
Determined to create a picturesque winter experience at the Sheffield Bed and Breakfast inn, Brenda Rivers eagerly awaits the arrival of her new guests for the weekend. This year brings a wide selection of visitors from all walks of life – from a soft-spoken Amish couple to a plastic surgeon and Anaesthesiologist who just can’t seem to get along. Brenda tries her best to keep the peace and make sure all her guests have a good time.
But when one of their guests turns up brutally murdered and left almost unrecognizable in the midst of a harmless sledding contest, Brenda’s hopes of a perfect weekend are shattered. With her guest’s rival going strangely quiet, his wife crying crocodile tears, and the Amish couple mysteriously coming last in a sport they claimed to be the best at, Brenda must put all of her sleuthing skills to the test if she wants to unravel the truth.
Can Brenda unmask a killer for Christmas? Or will her guest’s murder slip into the background of cold cases?

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