Snared by Adam Jay Epstein


Snared: Voyage on the Eversteel Sea by Adam Jay Epstein (Wily Snare #3)
English | 2020 | Children / YA, Fantasy | ePUB | 6.9 MB

Adam Jay Epstein grew up in Great Neck, New York, and started his daydreaming at an early age. After graduating from Wesleyan University, he moved to Los Angeles to start sharing his daydreams with other people. While there, he met a brilliant and creative genius and asked him if he would be interested in becoming one half of a writing team. When the said genius turned him down, he found the less talented but far more willing Andrew Jacobson to partner with.

Adam Jay Epstein has explored the Amazon, climbed the Great Wall of China, swum with dolphins, and found the best tamales north of the Mexico border. He lives with his wife, Jane, and his two daughters, Penny and Olive. He has a black-and-white alley cat with bite out of his ear living in his backyard.

Wily’s enemies are after his throne.

The man who kept him captive for much of his childhood, the evil mage Stalag, is still at large, and Wily knows the kingdom will never be safe as long as he’s a threat. Meanwhile, Wily’s father, the Infernal King, has escaped prison and he’s looking to retake power.

When Wily learns the villains are traveling to the fabled Eversteel Forge to build a mechanical army, it’s up to him and his companions to journey across the sea and stop their enemies.

On the way, they face piracy, betrayal, sea monster attacks, and the dangers of a mysterious desert island. But the greatest challenge is to Wily’s loyalties—and if he can forgive a father he no longer trusts.

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