Snatched by Gillian Jackson


Snatched by Gillian Jackson
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.5 Mb

Snatched : How do you keep hope alive when your worst nightmare becomes reality? Eleven-year-old Danny Stone is brutally snatched from the street on his way home from school. He finds himself imprisoned in a semi-derelict building, alone, cold and terrified of what might happen to him. Danny’s parents, Martha and Richard, are thrust into an unimaginable nightmare. With their only child missing and a ransom demanded, they are forced to meet the kidnappers’ demands or lose their son forever. As family secrets bubble to the surface, the Stones’ marriage is put under strain. Will Danny make it out alive? Can his parents save him? Or will one horrific moment cause irreparable damage to all three of their lives?

“With at least five times the number of pupils than the junior school he’d attended, Danny thought St Bede’s was awesome. He was finally growing up and even his parents seemed to treat him differently. He now owned his first mobile phone and was allowed to walk to and from school alone, which took almost half an hour. He was the proud owner of a door key, so he could go home to wait until his mother finished work, instead of going to homework club until she could pick him up. He was only on his own for an hour or so, but Danny liked the fact that he was trusted to be there alone.

As he made his way home that Monday afternoon, Danny’s head was bowed against the driving rain, with the hood of his parka limiting his vision, so he could see nothing except the pavement in front of him. He heard a van pull up nearby but thought nothing of it until suddenly someone grabbed him from behind.

Wriggling and kicking, he did his best to break free, but whoever was holding him was strong. As he was lifted into the van, someone else slammed the doors shut behind him and some kind of hood was pulled over his head, making it impossible to see anything at all.

Danny’s heart thumped heavily, sounding like a drum throbbing in his ears. He shouted for them to let him go, but the effort only earned him a slap on the side of his head and a man’s voice told him to shut up. He was roughly tied up, his hands by his side so he couldn’t move them or pull the hood off his head.”

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