Sold To The Alpha Bear by Maia Starr

Sold To The Alpha Bear

Sold To The Alpha Bear by Maia Starr (Alpha Mates Of Salem 1)
English | 2019 | Romance| ePUB |445 Kb

Sold To The Alpha Bear:She’s vowed to start fresh free of hot men-until she’s take by a howling wolf only to be bought and sold…

The last thing newly single Tiffany is looking for are hot dangerous men. All she wants is a fresh start in the town on Salem.  The nasty rumors about strange shape shifting men and kidnappings of young women don’t phase her. That is until the night of the full moon..takes an unexpected turn and she’s taken by a howling wolf only to be sold off…

Kyle is the new alpha bear in town and needs a mate to keep him sane even if that means buying her from a sleezy Alpha Wolf. Kyle is blown away when he see’s Tiffany and wants to claim every ounce of her inside out and take her straight to his cozy den. She is exactly the mate he’s been searching for and type of women to anchor him down. There’s only one problem, she wants nothing to do with him and wants to go home…

But Kyle isn’t the only Alpha interested in Tiffany. He can smell a pack of wolves surrounding his bear country and approaching his new mate.  Kyle’s roaring bear within comes out raging as he will do whatever it takes to protect his new mate. No one gets in the way of a bear and his mate, especially if it’s a pack of wolves. Can Kyle protect his new mate  and earn her trust or will everything come crashing down?

“Yet even as the referee stepped forward, he felt agitated by his ignorance, and the tug of insanity as it followed his agitation. Brushing away his thoughts to keep his growing madness at bay, Kyle stood straighter and let his heated blood take control. He could picture the immediate future in that split second before the referee raised his hand for silence…as alpha, I can do whatever I want. Pick any mate I want, go where I please without being questioned…and take revenge for Alexander.

Swinging his gaze to his left, Kyle spied a human woman and her two cubs. The one-year-old laid curled in his mother’s strong arms while the five-year-old watched Kyle hazily, latched onto his mother’s dress with his tiny fingers. The woman, though, glared burning holes in Kyle’s head, leaving an uncomfortable sensation to roll through his body.”

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