Some Kind of Twisted Love by Rachel Sullivan

Some Kind of Twisted Love

Some Kind of Twisted Love by Rachel Sullivan (Siren Sisters Book 1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Welcome to the San Juan’s, where hundreds of years ago sirens ruled the seas by luring men to Dead Man Island where they’d come for the beautiful women…and die for them too.
Today though, sirens are only a shadow of their former glorious selves, weak from hundreds of years of following the no-luring-men mandate handed down by their previous matriarchs. Now they live among humans and no longer crave the monstrous lifestyle of their foremothers. As a result, their numbers are dwindling toward extinction.
But with a new matriarch stepping into her role as leader of all siren-kind, the laws are changing.
And seventeen-year-old Allura’s fantasies of luring men to their graves are no longer an embarrassing secret, but just the kind of power play her aunts need to impress the new matriarch and elevate their clan.
They tell Allura she’s lucky to be the first of her kind in generations to embrace the old ways. But she doesn’t feel so lucky when the boy she’s crushing on is the initial victim assigned to her. If she follows orders, she’ll save her kind from extinction…and lose her humanity in the process.
Her whole life, Allura has crammed herself into the mold of good siren girl. Now, she must decide what kind of monster she wants to be.

My feet skidded to a stop within inches of the cliff’s edge. I spun on my heel to scan the forest and confirm that the visitors and my sisters were still around me. The males’ scent kept me from catapulting off the cliff in a quick getaway. Evergreens stood proud and tall, creating looming shadows in the moonlight. Water crashed against the rocks below us.

My stomach clenched with hunger. Even if my clan didn’t have a list of rules to live by—number two on that list forbid us from revealing our siren species to outsiders—I’d still prefer not to hunt in front of non-siren folk. Call me overly cautious, or guarded, but interacting with non-human boys took some getting used to. Ridding yourself of a lifetime’s worth of distrust takes more than the couple months I’d spent around the illusive twins.

I lifted my nose and took another whiff, just to double check. Seaweed and testosterone. Yeah, the twins were following us. Don’t ask me why, but for some reason that fact both excited and irritated me.

“What is it, Allura?” my clan-mate, Cara, asked.

“We’re not alone,” I said as I paused and peered toward the direction the scent was strongest. The three teens who froze beside me were the daughters of my aunts, but I’d never call them cousins. We were more like sisters.

Arlana lifted her nose, and after inhaling she shook her head and her shoulders relaxed. “Not even a moment’s peace,” she said on an exhale.

Celine’s face lit with a flirtatious smile as though she found pleasure in the idea her crush could be watching her. She took one step forward, spun in a half circle, and stopped, facing the two boys who hid behind a tree. “Come out, come out wherever you are, Lover Boy.”

The boys were identical twins, but only one had an on again/off again thing for Celine. At the moment they were very much on again.

The object of Celine’s taunting ran from his hiding spot with a roar of laughter. He picked her up and planted a wet kiss on her giggling mouth. Very wet. The other boy sauntered from behind a tree, water streaming from the end of the drenched ponytail resting on his shoulder, down over his bare chest. Both sported blond tresses dripping into their blue eyes. Neither their hairstyles nor clothing would blend into this world.

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