Something Charming This Way Comes by R.K. Dreaming

Something Charming This Way Comes

Something Charming This Way Comes by R.K. Dreaming (Midlife Wishes Book 1)
English |2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB |3.0 MB

‘Happily Ever After’ isn’t working out as she planned
With her powers failing in middle-age, and tired of following the rules and getting nowhere, Oracle Sigourney Maltei returns to her hometown of Brimstone Bay seeking a do-over. Plagued with life-long ill health and now jobless too, she needs a miracle – and she might just know how to get one.
She has just enough juice left in her psychic-tank to stumble upon the answer to all of her prayers – a genie. Fresh new start – here she comes!
Except genies are never quite what they seem.
Hers is Charming by name, but tricky and quarrelsome by nature, and far too handsome for his own good. Worse, he insists that wishes won’t work, and the key to her happy future lies in her dark past.
Sigourney must solve the decades old mystery of her mother’s death and catch a notorious murderer, something sure to make her more enemies in this magical town.
But where there is danger, there are miracles in waiting.
Hurled into a whole new adventure, Sigourney feels more alive at forty-four than ever before. Goodbye rule-book – this time she’s doing things her own way.

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