Son of Merlin by L.J. Rivers

Son of Merlin

Son of Merlin by L.J. Rivers (Ruby Morgan #8)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

L.J. Rivers is the pseudonym for a writing-duo of one older chap and one younger dame. L and J are both from Norway, living on opposite corners of the country, so they rarely get to meet face to face.

I finally managed to tumble down the rabbit hole, and it’s a long way down.
My grandparents are in danger, and I’m the only one who can rescue them. I bring my friends along on a journey fifteen hundred years back in time, to a world where I should belong. Problem is, even as a Magical, I’m an outsider here.
My friends and I need help, and my only hope is to find someone—anyone—who’ll believe me. Meanwhile, King Auberon—yup, he has returned to his throne—is preparing for war, one I cannot allow him to win.
But between my grandparents, new friends, and more enemies, I hardly have time to think before it all comes crashing down.
Time is not on my side.

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