Sorceress Eternal by Lisa Blackwood

Sorceress Eternal

Sorceress Eternal by Lisa Blackwood (A Gargoyle and Sorceress Tale Book 9)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 1.5 Mb

Sorceress Eternal : he final battle between the servants of the Divine Ones and the Battle Goddess’s twisted ambition has arrived.
All three Realms are in peril and Earth might be the first to fall. But the Avatars of the Divine Ones and their allies will not allow so many innocents to pay the price for a demigoddess’s insanity. This time, the Lady of Battle may have set in motion her own doom.
Yet, in battle, the outcome is never certain, and the Avatars might yet have to pay the debt so rarely paid.

“He’d shifted to his dragon form. The one thing he’d said he’d never do.

“My Null!” The resounding thought was accompanied by another of his fierce, ground-shaking roars.

Both Draydrak and the Avatar soul turned to watch the dragon approach.

They didn’t have long to wait. The massive dragon was upon them in three wingbeats, his forelegs outstretched before him. He managed to snatch at both Draydrak and the Avatar. Then the dragon’s momentum carried them all out into the waves.

Steam boiled up, obscuring Erika’s view of the fight.

And it was a fight. There was no doubt in her mind that Gryton was trying to kill them both. The dragon wasn’t rational. There was no way he could defeat them both. Perhaps he could take down Draydrak on his own, but Erika had felt the Avatar’s power.

But hadn’t Gryton told her he’d lose everything he was, everything he’d worked for if he shifted to dragon form? Gryton was gone. This was the elemental dragon, and clearly it didn’t think anything like the man.

And if Erika didn’t do something, the Avatar might be forced to kill his own son. Was that Lord Death’s plan all along? Despite the heat of the sun and the warm sand under her boots, a chill flowed across her soul.

She hadn’t expected something so heartless from a servant of the so-called Light.

But could a creature that was death incarnate even have a heart, feel compassion, or experience remorse? Could such a being even perform his duty with such softness?

Erika was just formulating a plan when Anna and Obsidian came in for a landing next to her. She glanced at them both and then back at Gryton.

“What the hell!” Anna shouted as she gawked at the demigod brawl.

“Indeed.” Obsidian stepped in front of Anna as if instinctively trying to protect his Kyrsu. “

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