Sorrows of Starlight by Darren Hultberg Jr

Sorrows of Starlight

Sorrows of Starlight by Darren Hultberg Jr (The Adept Archives Book 3)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.7 MB

Darren is the amazon bestselling author of THE SLAYER and the wuxia series EDGE OF EONS.
Embarking on adventures in strange and unfamiliar worlds at an early age, Darren has been heavily involved in the worlds of comic books, anime, science fiction, and especially high fantasy. As he grew older, Darren attended community college in 2008, graduating with a degree in childhood education. Later he decided to follow his passion and pursue his dream of writing. He currently resides in Florida with his wife and two children.

After a deadly battle with the mighty Kaito brothers, the Sky Wolves have finally found peace. However, peace is always short-lived on Eon…

Dark forces gather at the gates of Shadowreach, threatening to tear the city asunder. Adepts of the veil come from all corners of the realm, ready to turn its people to ash.

WIth shadows surrounding them on all sides, Roy and the others are left with few choices… and with a fight for their life on their hands, the only thing that may spare them is a dragon god’s gambit.

“The underworld dragon guild continues the bloodletting of Eon’s lesser guilds.  Each day we grow closer to awakening our ancestral master,” another voice said, this one far more calm and collected than the first.

The avatar nodded.  “And what of the spider guild, that which has taken my namesake?”

Blackstar took a deep breath, thinking carefully before he replied.  “As you know my lord, the bounty of blades was a massive blow to the burgeoning guild alliance. However, the Thousand-legged spiders have been forced to deal with some loose ends left as a result of the aftermath.  My second in command is currently in the rogue city of Shadowreach, hunting down a pair of adepts that claim the name Bonaduce.  Once he’s finished, we plan to move in and take control of the city for ourselves, to offer as another resource to the veil…”

The other council members remained completely silent, unwilling to interject in Blackstar’s bold statements… however, the shiver in their spirits could be felt throughout.  Not only had the man admitted failure by allowing the Bonaduce heirs to live, but he’d gone as far as to claim Shadowreach for his own.  Bold… bold and undoubtedly foolish.

Rather than lash out, the Arachnifax avatar merely stood his ground, pondering Jeryn’s words as he rubbed his mandibles together.  “Tell me, mortal… how do you plan on removing the spirit magus from his throne atop the city of rogues?  That fool has managed to singlehandedly repel our forces with that aura of his.  He is not one to be underestimated.”

“He has grown ill,” Blackstar replied, a bit of desperation in his voice.  “His spirit has become withered and his body frail.”

The Arachnifax avatar gave Jeryn a hard stare.  “And yet, he still remains a spirit magus in control of an entire city of rogues…  That’s quite the gamble, spider.  Succeed and you could provide this council with a powerful asset.  But fail and you stand the chance of compromising us all!”

“I will not fail you, my lord!” Blackstar said, dropping his head low as unnatural fear began to swell in his gut.

“No, you won’t,” Arachnifax uttered.  “For it will be your own life that’s on the line.”

Blackstar’s eyes widened.  “Wha- what do you mean, my lord?”

“It’s time we began to claw our way out of the shadows and claim this realm for ourselves,” the avatar replied, the resolve in its voice causing the room to rumble.  “I want you to personally head to Shadowreach and ensure Argo Zael’s demise.  The rest of you will send one of your adepts to aid in the extermination of the remaining Bonaduce scum.”

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