Soul Keeper Soul Hunters Book 1 by Tegan Maher

 Soul Keeper Soul Hunters Book 1

Soul Keeper Soul Hunters Book 1 by Tegan Maher
English | 2018 | Fantasy Paranormal | ePUB | 3.0 MB

I have to stop cursed souls bent on world domination? Must be Tuesday.

I’m Kira, fallen angel and official guardian of lost souls. How that happened is a long story, but suffice it to say, I’m not exactly a rule follower.

When my mother opens the gate to The Valley of Lost Souls and frees some of the most evil beings to ever walk the planet, I’m tasked with cleaning up the family mess. As usual.

The catch? No dark magic. I have to follow the rules to catch them if I want to save my own soul and keep people from dying, but first I have to figure out who “they” are. Luck’s with me, though, because Mom’s colossal screw-up caught the attention of a high-powered supernatural agency. The new task force, dubbed the Soul Hunters, is a diverse team of witches, shifters, and other magical beings motivated to help with containment. After all, the entire world is at risk.

They assigned Callum Knox, a powerful mage, to help me. Despite his dark past, I’ll have to learn to trust him if I want to recapture the souls before my mother’s mistakes seal my fate.

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