Sovereign’s Choice by Rohan M. Vider

 Sovereign's Choice

Sovereign’s Choice (The Gods’ Game, Volume V): A LitRPG novel by Rohan M. Vider
English | 2021|Sci-Fi/Fantasy| ePUB | 7 MB

I’m Rohan M. Vider, and I write fantasy and LitRPG novels. In November 2018, I released my debut novel, Crota, The Gods’ Game Volume I. It is about a young man who is summoned to the world of Myelad, where he becomes embroiled in a game between Gods. Between my day job and family, I spend my time writing, reading and playing computer games, especially CRPGs and turn-based strategy games.

The Game advances, and the gods continue their relentless pursuit. Day by day, Kyran gets stronger, both in his own power, and the allies he gathers around him. Will he be ready to face the wrath of the gods when it descends upon him?

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