Space Fun by Tom Harem

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Space Fun

Space Fun by Tom Harem : A Sci-Fi Harem Adventure Part Three
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi| ePUB | 153 Kb

Space Fun : After crashing on Kryptus, the deadliest planet on that side of the Galaxy, Kane and his women planned their next steps.

The tantalizing captain Amelia and the hot blonde Jessy stayed on the ship to protect the blue-haired genius Matilda while she repairs the ship and Kane and the sexy short-haired assassin Emma moved on the mountains to rescue the princess.

The easiest part was finding the spoiled princess Vic who happened to bump into them and even saved Kane from getting killed. But now the real journey is about to start.

A lot of trouble is about to stand on their way. The mountains are known for the stealthy, bone-crushing thieves and Kane has never faced such a big of a challenge. Can he, Emma, princess Vic, and a live-saving new friend survive what awaits them there?

“Don’t be afraid,” Emma told me, and slid the knife across her tongue until the blade was covered in blood.

She didn’t even seem to feel the pain. She smiled, the blood slipping down her chin too. One of the men, the one in front of Emma, lost his patience and threw himself at her. She dodged and hit him with the butt of the gun while he was still up in the air.

I was watching everything when pain spread around my shoulder. Damn it. The man in front of me had knocked me over. We both fell to the ground and he started punching me repeatedly until I couldn’t even move. I had my hands protecting my face and the pain escalated. I had to get out of there somehow. If that continued I would lose in an instant.

His saliva ran down his chin and dripped all over my clothes. I kept only one hand in front of my face while I used the other to look for the knife I had in my pants. One of those moments when it seems like the more we look for something, the harder it gets to get it. It took me a while to find it. With all the pain in my body, everything seemed the same to me. Even my vision was already blurred. But no, I couldn’t give up there. I could not. I grabbed the knife and stabbed it in his flesh, sticking it as deep as possible. Honestly, I had no idea where I had landed it. I only knew that I could not stop. He groaned in agony and the punches stopped. I gathered the little strength I had left and punched him right in the chin as Emma had taught me. He fell back, his eyes half closed, the blood spreading through the brown tissue. I looked at my knife. It was covered in a thick light red, with a couple of tiny bubbles popping. The man wriggled on the ground, his fists clenched, screaming that he would kill me as soon as he got up.”


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