Spanish Crossings by John Simmons

Spanish Crossings

Spanish Crossings by John Simmons
English | 2021|Historical Fiction| ePUB | 6.9 MB

Conflict destroys lives. But love will survive.
Spanish Crossings is an epic tale of love, politics and conflict, with the yearning but elusive possibility of redemption.
When a woman’s life is cast in shadow by her connection to the Spanish Civil War in 1937, can she ever learn to love again?

Lorna meets and falls in love with Harry, a member of the International Brigade. But Harry is tragically killed in the fighting and Lorna fears she might have lost her best chance of happiness. Can she fill the void created by Harry’s death by helping the child refugees of the conflict?
As Lorna discovers a connection to one boy, Pepe, their lives become increasingly intertwined in the post-war rebuilding. But can Lorna rely on Pepe as he remains deeply pulled towards the homeland and family that have been placed beyond his reach?
Lorna and Pepe’s relationship will be tested by their tragic and emotive history – but will it survive?

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