Spell Struck by Amy Boyles

 Spell Struck

Spell Struck (Midlife Spell Hunter #2) by Amy Boyles
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 6.6 MB

Amy Boyles grew up reading Judy Blume and Christopher Pike. Somehow, the combination of coming of age books and teenage murder mysteries made her want to be a writer.

Just when Georgia Nocturne is adjusting to life as a middle-aged spell hunter, she gets thrown for a loop.
A mysterious spell winds up in her hands—one that she and her husband Dane have to decipher or else risk unleashing dangerous magic into the world.
So while Georgia is trying to keep people safe, the PTO needs her help, she discovers working with her husband isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be, and all the while she still has to put dinner on the table.
Worse, there’s a mysterious wizard on the loose. He calls himself the Gator and he’s determined to wreak havoc in her small town.
Can Georgia discover the secrets of the spell, stop the Gator, and be a perfect wife? Probably not. But she’ll have fun trying.


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