Spellbound by Shelley Dorey


Spellbound by Shelley Dorey (Hex After 40 Book 2)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 6 MB

A snobby bobcat, a catfight with your bestie, and a fiery blaze in a restaurant.
Yeah, Magic’s just great…
Isn’t it awesome to be able to point at something and make it move just because you could? Or touch someone and know their true inner thoughts? Or have a magical bobcat watch your back and guard you like some Navy Seal?
The bobcat’s a pompous snot.
Learning secrets violates boundaries and is sometimes TMI
And the biggest thing you can magically propel is a glass of water. That spills.
Yeah, totally awesome.
Shannon, Mary-Jane and Libby are still learning that the casting of spells comes at a cost.
As if the trials of middle age: empty nest, man troubles, difficulties at work and business disasters aren’t enough, they’re also doing their best to get the hang of the powers bestowed by The Witching Well.
Sure, casting a spell is easy-peasy. You just twitch your nose or wave your wand and ta-dah!
Not so much in the real world.
And what happens if you piss off one of your besties and she hexes YOU?
How in the world (or even the next one with Aunt Maeve…) is Shannon going to clean up these messes?


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