SSS: Year Five by Avery Song


SSS: Year Five by Avery Song (Supernatural Spy School #5)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.2 MB

Avery Song is the second pen name of a reverse harem author who specializes in urban fantasy and paranormal romance. She especially loves writing strong main characters and is excited for all the books that are approaching.

When being different leads to the best years of your life.
On graduation day, Silver Spell Solange’s world turned upside down. The answers to the many questions regarding the prestigious Supernatural Spy Academy were finally answered, but those revelations may prove too much for her to handle.
After four years of preparation to become spies, Silver and her team find themselves at a crossroads. Rather than beginning their careers, Team 999 is facing four more years of training, all while wrestling with the truth about the loved ones they believed were lost forever.
Despite these shocks, the dream of becoming a spy has only grown; after all, she and her team have gone through madness to get their diplomas and medals of honor. However, with Yuriel’s desire to obtain Angel’s Glory, Dimitri’s devotion to self-discovery, Wolfgang’s journey toward a new level of magic, and Ryuu’s challenging recovery from betrayal, Silver knows this year will be rough if they don’t spend time on self-improvement.
S.S.S. Sky Division is the start of something new, and with unknown paths come unexpected encounters, thrilling missions, and sizzling romantic developments. Friendships will grow, but some relationships may fall as Uzziah enters the mix and threatens to rip the status quo to shreds.
It’s time to claim what was always written in the stars as Year Five starts off with a startling bang.

“Welcome, Team 999, to the special Coronation of Spies. Throughout your years at Supernatural Spy Academy, you’ve questioned our methods and ways of teaching until it came down to the point where you had to trust in us to see the truth in all of our actions.’

Star snuggled against my neck, excited for what was going on.

‘Well, there’s a reason for all of this, and it comes back down to the very prophecy bestowed upon you.’

The prophecy…

‘The last four years have felt more like trials than anything, and you’ve questioned why you haven’t gained enough skills, strength, and survival tactics to be confident spies in the field. Those are all valid worries.’

She paused and looked at each of us. Then she raised the mic to her lips.

“The last four years have felt like trials because they’ve been exactly that. Team 999, you’ve officially accomplished the Supernatural Spy Trials and are now eligible to accept your invitation into the true Supernatural Spy Academy, which is located within the depths of the City in the Sky. There, you will spend the next four years enhancing your skills, strengths, and survival tactics, and be put to the true test with no strings attached.’

I was absolutely speechless, but Aria carried on.

‘Before you get lost in shock, there is one final revelation. There is a reason that you and your team members survived the shock caused by the malfunctioning of your watches.’


‘I’d love to explain the details, but I think it would be best for the rest of the council to come up here. Daichi Xin, Mitten Lula, Scarlett Solange, Queen Kensuke. Can you please join me?’

We watched them make their way onto the stage, and our confusion grew when they left a gap in the middle.

Are there more people?

“Finally, the secretary and vice president, who both coordinate the high council, and the official headmaster of the Supernatural Spy Academy Sky Campus.’

Aria moved off to the side and the red curtains in the background moved to reveal three individuals — two females and one male.

My heart stopped, and I heard Dimitri and Wolfgang gasp in pure shock.

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