Star Force by Aer-ki Jyr

 Star Force

Star Force by Aer-ki Jyr (Star Force Universe Book 75)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Aer-ki Jyr is an Amazon Top 100 Scifi Author due to his independently published STAR FORCE universe, which continues to grow with multiple new books published each year. Jyr also has a popular Stargate fanfiction series known as ROTA (Return of the Ancients.)

As Paul’s changes begin to unfold, secrets are revealed and Star Force’s future takes a drastic turn.

Paul had spent the next 3 days continuing to black out periodically, but the length of the blackouts decreased to only a few minutes before ending entirely. The past 2 days he’d been sleeping heavily, but at a time of his choosing. He could feel the life draining out of him and the incessant need to sleep, but it was no longer overloading him to the point he’d collapse.

The changes to his body were continuing, but slowing. He still didn’t have any answers, but the Archon was gaining a better sense of himself. His mind was continuing to clear up more with each cycle, and the great darkness of the past was diminishing in his memory, to the point it was almost a fiction that he couldn’t believe he had ever fallen for.

Paul stood outside their tent on the sands, his lengthening hair blowing in the gentle wind as another storm was approaching in the distance, with him punching the air in front of him three times so fast it looked like one blurred attack. He alternated between arm attacks and leg kicks on no enemy or object. He was just shadow boxing, loosening up after so much stagnant time and testing his new body to see what the differences were…but even these limited movements were draining his energy fast, and he knew he’d need another nap in a few minutes else he’d risk pushing himself to the point of blacking out again, and that was something he didn’t feel like playing with now that he’d gotten limited control of it.

That said, every phantom attack he threw made him feel better. His movements were smooth and clumsy at the same time, for his natural speed had increased. Not up to Saiyan level, but about halfway there. Previously he’d transformed into the hyper mode just to make sure it was still there…and it was…but he couldn’t stay in it more than a few seconds before getting so tired he could barely make it back to the tent. Since then he’d chosen not to touch it again, and was instead exploring his normal ‘base’ form, and somehow part of his Saiyan speed had been incorporated into it.

Yet a large part of the Saiyan speed was the mental processing, and he wasn’t having trouble keeping up with his own body. In fact the reverse was true, as if his mind had been sped up even more than his muscle cells, making his increased speed seem easily trackable. Each punch he threw he could see with his eyes clearly, as well as feel the position of his arm…

Paul stopped, then began posing in various positions with the transitions between them shortening. It looked like he was dancing at first, but then the air around him began to churn as he twisted and turned too fast for it to remain stable. His body began to object with a wave of fatigue, but Paul kept at it, trying to accomplish the same speed with less force, as well as seeing what his sensitivity was, bringing his arms and legs closer and closer together, almost touching as they brushed past one another at dizzying speed.

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